70th Birthday Party - 2019


Okay, Kids...

We all had BIG fun at our recent reunion. Some of us have been discussing the possibility of throwing ourselves a birthday party in 2019. In order to ensure that we keep the cost affordable for everyone, we thought that we could piggy back our party to the city's largest summer event, "Boat Week". Planning it well in advance will allow everyone to make arrangements for travel, hotel accommodations, etc. We would like to know what you think. We are looking for ideas, suggestions, comments, and concerns. Here is your opportunity to let us know what you think and to volunteer to help make it all happen. Please respond!

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1)   * Are you interested in participating in our 70th Birthday Party in July of 2019? The target date is tentatively set for the Mackinac Race Weekend July 17 - 21, 2017.

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2)   * Are you interested in attending the "Family Night" Celebration as a group at the Port Huron Yacht Club? Live music, cash bar, food available at the PHYC, local restaurants, and from street vendors...

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3)   * Are you interested in attending "Boat Night" at the PHYC as a group? There will be an admission fee. (Again, a cash bar and food provided by the PHYC, local eateries, and street vendors)

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4)   * Are you interested in gathering at a local park/beach on Saturday morning to watch the start of the Mackinac Race? This could include a potluck 'brunch'. Possibly catered? Suggestions are encouraged here for the location, menu, logistics. We would gather around 11 AM. The first start of the race is usually 11:30 am and the last class leaves for Cove Island from the starting line at 1:40.

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5)   * Would you be interested in attending a private movie matinee at the newly renovated Sperry's Movie House? Tickets would include the movie, popcorn & pop. There is the possibility that we could have a guided tour of the building. Proceeds to be used to help cover the cost of the 70th Birthday Bash later that evening. Please include an idea for a movie in your reply, e.g. "The Big Chill".

6)   * Are you interested in attending an official 70th Birthday Bash on Saturday evening? How formal or informal would you want this to be? If we plan a banquet dinner, how much should the ticket price be? Let us know what you think. John Clyne has suggested a good old fashioned "Grasser" with a bonfire and the works. Like Woodstock. Only with old people. Ha ha ha - you decide.

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7)   * Sunday Morning Bon Voyage? Get together again before everyone leaves town? Please let us know your suggestions for a good place to eat that can accommodate our group.

8)   * This is actually a comment and not a question... Please take the time to fill out the survey. No rush. We have some time to decide if this is something that classmates would like to do. I adjusted the settings so all of you can view the collective results. Please add your suggestions and ideas in the comment box below. Thanks!